Training your pet can be an exhausting task. Let the professionals do it for you! Our high credentials and enthusiasm for pets ensure we will not only train your pet the basic obedience tasks but also teach them simply how to be a better pet. There are some things you must first consider before enrolling your pet in the White House Pet Hotel's training program.
• We feel it is very important, at the White House Pet Hotel, to teach the owners the new tricks, too. It is the owner's responsibility to know the material and be confident with their pet if they expect to see a change or different end result.
• The owner must be the pack leader. They must learn their dog's behavior and how to handle it.
• A dog's behavior is a result of what we require out of them.
• A dog will be as smart as we require or as wild and out of control as we allow.
• Basic obedience tasks that are taught in this class include: "Sit down", "Stay", "Come", "Wait", "Leave it", walking on a leash, and problem solving.
Basic Training is $85 an hour if we come to your home. You may bring your pet to The White House Pet Hotel and the training fee is $65 Depending on your level of handling ability or amount of time you can spend in training with your pet, you may want to enroll in a 10-12 day training for $700. This will allow for a more consistent schedule of training and will help you get through some of the frustrations of the early training period. You, as an owner, must realize that upon returning home, there is still work to be done. Your pet will just have a better understanding of what you, as pack leader, expect of them.