Jason Revere- a Shreveport native, is the owner and founder of the White House Pet Hotel, a unique boarding kennel, doggie day care, pet taxi and training facility located in Shreveport, LA.
Jason has always had a special love for dogs which started from an early age. He can recall his first memories that include playing and running around in the back yard with the family dogs Chili Dog and Deagle. He knew in his heart that dogs would always play an important role in his life, but just wasn't sure how. Then one day everything came together and made sense.
As Jason was nearing graduation from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, he was still undecided on what he was going to do with his Bachelor's Degree in Business. With only two weeks left before walking across the stage and receiving his diploma, "FATE" came into play.
Jason was at the grocery store waiting in line to check out when he grabbed a People Magazine. As he was flipping through the different articles, one jumped out and caught his attention. It was an article about a woman who devoted her life to training dogs in an effort to help people. He found the article so inspiring he knew right then what he wanted to do with his life. He contacted the woman whom the article was written about who in turn referred him to the Bonnie Bergins Assistance Dog Institute in California.
A month after graduation, Jason packed his bags and moved to Santa Rosa where he became the first in the world to acquire an Associate Degree in Assistance Dog Education.
In 2001, Jason returned to Shreveport and was ready to fulfill his dream of training dogs, and in 2002 he opened his own boarding kennel, The White House Pet Hotel. Jason wanted his facility to be unique, offering dogs an opportunity to interact with each other while having a safe place to run and play - place where not only dogs are happy to be, but owners are happy to leave their 4-legged family member.